Can a Pencil Eraser Be Used As a Stylus?

Can a pencil eraser be used as a stylus

One of the most common questions when looking for a new writing utensil is – Can an eraser be used as a stylus? There are two types of styluses, the first type being those which you hold in your hand and drag along the surface of the page to create lines. The second type of stylus is the type that is held in the fingers and it has similar features to that of a pen. So what can you do with an eraser like this? If you really want to have some control over where your strokes land then you need to be able to apply them with precision.

This is exactly what a pen based eraser does. This type of stylus will allow you to apply the eraser directly to the paper without any need for you to manipulate the paper in order to achieve where you want your strokes to land. This means that if you are writing in fine detail you can manipulate each line of the text to make sure that it looks exactly the way that you want it to. You can then fill in any blanks or adjust the amount of line variation for any particular written piece.

The problem with this though is that this type of eraser can be difficult to handle. Erasers are made out of different materials and tend to get dinged up a lot. If you drop your eraser on the ground or on a surface such as a table, you could damage it. Erasers also tend to get smeared by food and drink. This is something that can be avoided though by keeping them inside of a protective sleeve or pouch.

Another concern about these erasers is that some of them are not very comfortable to hold. The design of some pen based erasers is very small and awkward for your fingers to grip onto. For those who need to write long letters this can pose a problem. One solution that you can use to help with this issue is to purchase a full sized pen that has an eraser on one end.

As you can see there are many different things to consider when trying to find out “can a pencil eraser be used as a stylus?” When you first start looking for a way to write with a pencil, you will probably want to start off with a traditional pen. You can then add more accessories to your arsenal of writing tools at a later date. You may feel like starting out with an eraser is a great way to get started, but if you’re not sure you should give a pencil stylus a try.

A pen stylus is a wonderful thing to have. If you decide to go this route, you’ll want to make sure that you know what your options are. How many erasers do you want to buy? Do you want an eraser that goes all the way from the tip to the base of the paper? Which brand name do you want to purchase? This may seem like a lot, but when you compare the cost of most major brands of pencils vs. a pen stylus, the difference is quite noticeable.