Interactive Wall Display – The Benefits Of Buying One

At here, we specialise in Interactive Wall (and more interactive products) which will add real value to either your company or venue and make you stand out from your competitors. The Interactive Wall is easy to customise to suit your individual requirements and display preferences, creating a unique design which will help to create brand awareness in any setting. We have a full range of services to offer, including: corporate identity protection, exhibition displays and promotions, trade shows, marketing consultancy and many more. We also have the highest quality technology and expert knowledge to ensure that your wall is a true reflection of your brand, image and products. This is the most effective way to get your message out to potential customers at an affordable price.

Interactive wall display

One of our interactive wall displays is designed to showcase the ‘unseen’ – simple but effective graphic designs that attract attention and engage with your audience. The cherry blossoms wall is an example of this; its plain but sophisticated design is engaging and the colour combinations are vibrant and engaging. The white and pink of the cherry blossoms are bold and striking, creating a strong but comforting atmosphere for your company or organisation. Ideal for all areas of branding including print and broadcast.

Our interactive wall displays are modern and feature high performance technology. The most cutting edge technology is used to enable these walls to look great and be personalised in such a way that they are tailor made for your specifications. Some of our interactive wall displays use LCD projection technology to make the projection of your corporate logos clear and sharp, while also offering a realistic colour presentation. The wall panels also feature dimmer switches which give you the opportunity to increase or decrease the lighting so that your walls remain attractive at all times. Some panels are coated in an ultra-violet (UV) resistant coating to ensure that your panels remain appealing even when exposed to sunlight. This UV resistant coating makes it ideal for use in office or retail environments where exposure to sunlight can quickly fade away your brand or promotional imagery.

Some other popular uses for these digital screens include creating media presentations for client training purposes, giving informative lectures in boardrooms, or simply providing information on your company website. Wherever your needs or objectives lie, there is an interactive wall display solution for you to choose from. From large digital screens mounted on the walls of large lecture or training rooms to small kiosks designed to be used as scoreboards during sporting events, our screens are versatile and can be tailored to suit almost any purpose. Some of our interactive video walls even feature a flip down feature allowing users to browse through the available information without being forced to flip their monitors upwards.

Our interactive wall panels are the most advanced technology available. Unlike traditional video walls, with these displays you don’t have to worry about the wall toppling over or the projector being dislodged by a chair or something of the like. With these devices, even when the power is turned off, the video still survives with absolutely no effect. As such, these interactive wall panels require virtually zero maintenance, making them a cost effective and eco-friendly way to provide information to customers or clients. With this in mind, we recommend that if you’re looking to purchase one of these devices, you do so from a reputable supplier with experience in manufacturing and installation of this type of equipment.

The high quality and durability of the products manufactured by the leading supplier of these interactive wall displays means that you will get years of benefit from these video walls. For this reason, if you have recently invested in these devices, we recommend that you order from this company. This will ensure that you receive the highest quality video wall screens available and that you enjoy the maximum possible life span of the devices. To find out more, visit the interactive wall display page on our website.