Large Touch Screen Wall Display in NYC

One of the latest installations in New York City is a huge touch screen wall display. It is an interactive multi-touch display that uses object recognition to provide real-time information. Videosonic, a leading provider of innovative interactive displays, and GestureTek, a leading manufacturer of motion-sensitive displays, installed the screen in the New York City Visitors Center. The two companies expect future business from the NYC Visitors Center, as well as additional business from other clients who see the installation.

large touch screen wall display in nyc

The touch-screen wall display has been designed for a variety of applications. In a high-traffic area, it can give customers a seamless experience. Large format displays have also become popular in many industries. These interactive displays are commonly found in the lobby of office buildings and hotels. Adding a large format display in your lobby can create a positive impression, boosting your brand name and increasing traffic to your business.

Large interactive displays are an excellent choice for public spaces. Placed in the lobby of a hotel, restaurant, or business, a large touch screen display will provide a seamless experience for visitors. Unlike traditional monitors, large format displays can also help you stand out from the competition. The large size of the touch screen makes it easy to navigate and can be customized to suit your needs. For more information, contact Faytech North America Supplier.

While many industries use large interactive displays for marketing, the touch screen wall display in NYC is a perfect example. The technology is proving to be extremely useful in various industries. A first batch of way-finding interactive map displays was introduced at Grand Central Station in February 2014. These interactive maps act as instantaneous navigation centers for subway passengers and alert them to any disruptions. This is a great way to increase traffic and reduce the amount of accidents.

Besides providing a seamless experience to customers, large touch screen wall displays are also advantageous in a number of other industries. The use of these displays is expanding, and new applications are being developed. For example, the Grand Central Station implemented a series of way-finding interactive map displays in February 2014. These interactive maps serve as instantaneous navigation centers for subway users and help them avoid disruptions.

The large format touch screen wall display is a great addition to the interior of any business. It can be placed in any high-traffic area, giving customers an exceptional experience. A lot of people prefer large format touch screens to traditional monitors. A large touch screen wall display in the lobby of a building can be an excellent way to differentiate your business from the competition. It’s an ideal way to showcase your brand and create an unforgettable first impression for your customers.